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1 year from now.

I am starting a journey with a journaling challenge. If you know me, you know I struggle with consistently writing. I mean this should be day 3 and I am just now doing day 1. Dont judge me.

Where do I see myself in one year from now in my mind with a year of intention? I see myself in a home surrounded by love. With a business that has grown into a space that will support me from home without having to worry about how the next bill is going to be paid. I see weekends with grandkids, family game nights, family movie weekends, school functions, family trips. Watching my grandkids learn and love new things. Watching the children of my heart manifest their dreams into reality.

I see holiday gatherings, gatherings just because.

Now how do I make this dream my own reality.

Be consistent in my business planning and executing.

Write out my goals with a plan for making them happen.


yes people are going to be hurt.

yes people are going to be angry.

At the end of the day are their thoughts and feelings more important than my own?

This is how I always get stuck and end up miserable trying to make everyone else happy.

Day one or One day? My choice.

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