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Sometimes life is hard. Lately it seems harder than normal. Yesterday we took the girls to have some fun and get them out of the house. It was great to see Tampa, a city I wasn't so sure I liked anymore thru their eyes. The things I absolutely love, the Tampa art mural, the trolley, Ybor City, The Hillsborough river to name a few, we showed the girls yesterday. The smiles and wide eyes were definitely something that brought Joy. They thought we were just having fun, turns out we were making memories.

We took pictures everywhere we stopped. We had ice cream and good conversations. We had McDonalds for dinner. Dinner and Ice Cream was something I didn't have to make. But I am so thankful that we were able to make the memories.

Was it easy, Absolutely not. But it was worth it. I haven't done a whole lot of walking since the stroke, so today I am paying for it. My body really doesn't like me anymore. I will push as much, as hard and as long as I can.

Remember enjoy the moment, but take the picture. Because sometimes a picture is all we have left. And ONE single picture can bring a memory flooding back. Yesterday was definitely a day I want to remember. What's one of your favorite memories? Leave it in a comment below, I would love to read about it.

Sincerely Me, Chasing My Serenity

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