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Memories from a Ladle

I was home a few weeks ago and went by to see my cousin who has always been more than just a cousin to me. She was more like a second mom especially in my early adult life. I am sure those stories will come in at some point, but tonight I want to savor the memories of a ladle. I went into her kitchen and hanging on the blinds right about the sink was a ladle. Not a ladle like most would think, it wasn't for dipping soups, sauces or gravies. As a matter of fact when I was younger, I didn't even know those kind of ladles existed. The only thing I had ever heard called a ladle was this metal bowl looking thing with a long handle that we drank water out of. This ladle brought so many memories of my childhood flooding back. Weekend after weekend spent at my mom's sister Elouise's house. Trampoline jumping, playing outside in the back yard for hours on end. Saturdays nights filled with guitars and singing. I remember curling up in my daddy's lap and listening to Josh and his family play guitar and cut up and sing and being completely content and happy. A house full of family and friends. But every time we came thru the back door saying we were thirsty; we were told to get some water... and we knew exactly what we were drinking out of... you guessed it... THAT LADLE. No need to complain we learned quick that was all we were getting unless we were eating. We didn't worry about who had drank out of it last, we just wanted them to hurry so we could drink water out of it too. Its funny how something so small and seemingly insignificant at the time can bring back so many memories. But just like that, there they were. Those days I wish I could relive. Never in a million years did I think that those days of carefree living would end. I thought I had it rough that I wasn't allowed to drink out of every glass in the house. We weren't allowed to sit around and watch TV all day long. It was easy to run around and play and move without thought. To be excited and looking forward to the next weekend when all the family folks would walk thru the door at Aunt Elouise's house. This is what I always thought life would be like. Boy was I wrong. But on that day, Standing in Dianne's kitchen I was thankful for the memories a ladle made come flooding back.....

Sincerely, Me

Chasing My Serenity.

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