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Beginnings 02/01/2023

So I have been given a writing challenge; to write something everyday for a month. So this is the beginning of my quest.

Merriam-Webster says the definition of beginning is: the point it time or space in which something starts. When we think about the concept of time, no one alive today really knows or understands when time began. If you’re a believing person; God is the only one who knows time, He did after all create it. I believe God created time only for our benefit. He knew that our minds can only comprehend so much, and we would need a way to manage our lives. I’ll be the first one to say I’m horrible at time management. Without thinking about it I usually end up doing things last minute which tends to get me in trouble.

With this being the beginning of a New Year, I will try to make a commitment to manage my time more efficiently and be more productive. Now with every beginning there must be an end. You guessed it this is the end of my tale for now!

All My Love,

Christina T.

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