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For the last few years at the end of the year I have picked a word to focus on throughout the next year. Last year that word was intentional. I wrote the following on a piece of paper and hung it by my bedroom door so that I would see it every single day.

Even after an entire year looking at it.. I didn't feel like I was done with it. I feel like I need to focus on it with intent and commitment. So I adopted commitment for this year while still learning to be intentional with my choices and my commitments.

I have a hard time learning to be still and listen. when things get hard, I want to run. I want to shut my heart down, my head down and just run. This year I want that to be different. I want to learn from my mistakes, stand my ground and be still. Is that hard? ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY! But I think it will be worth it. Some of the things that I am committing myself to be intentional with is My relationships both with God and myself.

I will believe in myself and my abilities. I will be thankful for what I have and what I am blessed with. I will approach life with love and acceptance. I will be more kind and understanding. I will keep a positive attitude. I will acknowledge my strengths and try to build upon my weaknesses. I will smile and live everyday with joyful curiosity. I will enjoy the simple moments in life. I will be true to myself and my own integrity. I will consciously create balance in my every day. I will bend so that I do not break. I will face my fears with strength and courage. I will keep an open mind and not be judgmental. I will keep a light heart and work with the world around me. I will forgive and not hold grudges. I will see the truth in every situation. I will see it for what it is and not what I would like for it to be. I will do my best to simplify complicated situations.

I ran across this list on Pinterest by and wrote it out to fit my own life. It was called 20 intentions to make your day happier.

So what are you focused on this year?

Sincerely Me, Chasing my Serenity.

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