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Navigating the Speedbumps.

Today has been a hard day. Do a little, sit down. Do a little more and then sit down. Everybody says give it time, you will get better. But I don't want to give it time. I want to be 100% right now. I need to get my life together and get money coming back in, but seriously how can I do that when I can barely walk from the bedroom to the bathroom 5 feet away without having to rest for 30 minutes when I get there before I can walk back.

Adjust to this being the normal for a while they say, but how when I can't contribute to keeping my bills paid. How can I be self sufficient with no money coming in? I had a plan. Now the plan is dead. AGAIN!

Work on building your business they say. I would love to do this. But I don't honestly know where to start. I have tried this several times and never been successful at it. I have to figure out what can make this time different? How can I be successful?

What can I do at this very moment in my life to make ends meet? Something that doesn't require much effort in labor. (No, I am not lazy, Just exhausted) Something that I can work at my own pace. Something that I can walk away from for an hour when I need to lay down. That I can work at 3 in the morning when the insomnia is too much to just lay there anymore. Any Ideas, any suggestions? I am open,

Being chronically ill sucks balls, yall! It sucks even worse to have a stroke knock you down on top of being chronically ill. But this is my current life and I have to figure out how to not only live it but to make the best lemonade of the lemons I have been given. Anybody sharing tequila and salt?

So this is today's rant. Trying to work thru the daily aspects of life with speedbumps. Thanks for listening.....

Sincerely Me, Chasing My Serenity

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